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For serious trappers and hunters.

Welcome to the world of J.R. & Sons Animal Scents and Lures. J.R. & Sons is a premium line of innovative, high quality scents and lures tested by trappers and hunters like yourself. Because of the technical aspects that are involved in the formulating of our products, each and every lure, scent and bait is formulated and bottled by me personally.

Here at J.R. & Sons quality is number one. We do not mass produce our products. If you want the confidence that comes from knowing your lure, scent, or bait was formulated and tested by serious trappers and hunters like yourself, J.R. & Sons products are for you.

In closing I would like to thank all of you who have used our products in the past. Without your loyalty and belief in our products, J.R. & Sons would not be where they are today.

Take care,